Electric power lines telephone lines, cable TV lines and gas lines can be buried underground.  Anyone planning to dig is urged to call "One Call" at 811 or 1-800-781-7474 for line locates well in advance.

How it Works

Getting your lines marked is quick and easy with 811.  When you dial 811, your call is forwarded to the One Call Center in your area for processing.  Local One Call Center operators record the location of the dig and then notify the affected utility companies of your digging plans.  Your utility companies then dispatch a professional locating crew to mark the approximate location of your lines within a few days.  South Dakota One Call doesn't locate personal lines.  This locate is for the lines up to your meter.  Any locate beyond the meter, the member will be billed a locate fee of $30.00 plus tax.

You should be sure to call 811 a few days in advance of your scheduled dig to allow time for the request to be processed.  Once your lines are marked, you will know their approximate location and you can dig safely.  Knowing what's below will protect you, your family and your neighbors.