If you are in need of a new service, please contact us in advance so that we may have an opportunity to determine the extent of work to be done.

Every service requires different material to install the service. In some instances material might need to be ordered to complete the project. An early examination of the property will allow us to order the necessary materials and place your project on our construction list.

Remember loans and rebates for heating and cooling equipment and the reduced rate for usage as well. Controlled lifetime electrical water heaters have rebates as well.

If a line extension is required, Kingsbury Electric requires a monetary deposit. We would also need to stake the line, get the required plot maps and obtain right of way easements. If the new service is over the allowed distance, the consumer will have to pay for part of the line, which is called aid to construction.

Please contact our office (605)854-3522 or (888)200-5243 toll free for complete details.

Application for Membership and/or Electric Service